11 totally ultimate kids travel experiences

Last Updated 6th November 2020
Seeing your kids grow and experience life is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You want them to immerse with different adventures that life has to offer. It is also the stage where they are curious and excited about learning and exploring the things they love.

As parents, you want to support them in every moment and make it right for them to experience how thrilling the world is. We have written the ultimate guide to fun and practical kids' luggage. And now..drum roll, here is a guide for you in making the ultimate kid travel experiences. Make it a fun activity to select travel destinations together with your kids.
Hot Air Ballooning

1. Camping in the woods

There are so many elements in camping that can be memorable to your kids. Campfire, lakes, tents, and a sense of independence come all together in just one adventure. This is a great way to introduce them to decision making and responsibility.
Family camping with children

Encourage them to do simple tasks like listing the camping essentials, collecting twigs, setting up a tent—these assigned duties can be a good start. It helps to make them feel like real adults and have more control in their surroundings. Show them the opportunity to grow and develop skills that will truly help them in the future.

2. Experiencing the Magic of Disney

Every kid's dream is to witness the enchanting magic of Disneyworld. I mean who doesn't want to be at "The Happiest Place on Earth"? Even adults like us would be thrilled too! Explore the beautiful attractions and get overwhelmed by the rides of Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Tea Party, Disneyland Railroad, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin or even just strolling around, and eating delicious snacks would be as fun too.

Disneyworld Christmas

Make the most out of this experience  and take advantage of this moment to let your kids see their favourite Disney characters and watch shows with them. They say that every day feels like a holiday at Disneyland—this is definitely true and a safe space for kids and the kids' at heart. 

Disney also has their own cruise line Disney Cruise Line  and it should definitely be on the bucket list. Great experience and fun for both kids and adults alike. Cruises are always great for relaxing and chilling with the whole family especially on a Disney which is tailored for families and kids. Disney ticks all the right boxes in terms of family travel and a real enchanting magical journey for all.

Disney Fantasy Castaway Cay Family Travel

3. Strolling and shopping in a night market

Night markets of the world

We are completely aware that some kids may find strolling and shopping boring and exhausting. But hear us out, nothing is more fun than experiencing different delicacies when traveling! You get the taste of culture and learn a thing or two from it.

Shilin in Taiwan is one of the night market must-visits. It is full of tasty yet cheap food choices like fried dumplings, stinky tofu and oyster omelet. It is surrounded by establishments so don't forget to browse countless affordably-priced goods and the greatest deals for kids to enjoy and bring with.

4. Rainforest tour

rainforest travel

A rainforest tour can be a great magical experience and an absolute adventure for the kids that's both educational and fun. A more indepth research is recommended on rainforest tours; as an example depending on the age of the kids, traveling by boat can be a good alternative. Allow kids to be adventurous—make them feel like a real jungle explorer, expand their horizons and learn more about world.

5. Horse riding

Horse riding

Another activity that your kids must-try on our list is horseback riding. It is a full isometric exercise that requires the body to use the core muscles, inner thighs, and pelvic muscles. Aside from getting healthy from this experience, it also develops character and valuable life skills at a very young age, according to the American Youth Horse Council.

6. Hitting the slopes

Can't think of a more exciting experience during the winter months than hitting the ski slopes. Explore stunning mountains filled with snow by snow tubing, snowcat rides, dog sledding, snowmobiling and if your kids are up to it cross country skiing. Hitting the slopes is one of our all time favorites as a family. 

Mt Hotham Family Ski Trip

Learn how to start with the basics. It's important to keep in mind your child's interest in skiing or snowboarding. Let them familiarize first with "snow" and playing in the snow, making a snow angel or building a snowman.

Let them watch skiers and snowboarders come down the slope. They will definitely let you know if it's something they want to try. If so, consider enrolling them in lessons and let them conquer the snowy mountains in their time.

7. Volunteering on vacation

Others may think that holidays are just about exploring the listed itineraries, checking in to luxurious hotels and taking a lot of tourist photos. Don't get me wrong, it is amazing to enjoy every bit of your vacation but did you know that volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to discover yourself and spend more quality time with family?

Local family volunteering is gaining attention across the world but family volunteering opportunities abroad can make the family bond stronger. Make meaningful social travel and leave an impact on foreign countries by helping their communities and exploring the culture.

Family love together. Growing successful kids

Organizations such as Love Volunteers offers projects that are suitable for your family's needs and interests including program such as childcare and development, wildlife rescue, and environment and conservation.

8. Be a paleontologist! (dig fossils)

Participating in a dig excavation activity can be surreal and interesting for kids who are fond of paleontology. Discover fossils that were buried over the years with a full guided tour at Wyoming Dinosaurs Center and Dig Sites. TIME Magazine for Kids named it as 'One of the World's Coolest Places 2019' if that is not a convincing description for your kids to try, I don't know what is. People from Wyoming Dinosaurs Center and Dig Sites are known for their dedication to preserving and protecting natural history treasures for future generations to enjoy and learn.

Kids digging fossils

What's exciting is, if you and your child happen to find a bone, it will be displayed at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center—your name and location will be recorded in the bone registry as they are considered as your contribution to Science.

9. Snorkeling

Disney Cruise Castway Cay Snorkeling

Explore and get mesmerized by marine life on your next family trip. Professional Association of Diving Instructors permits kids age 10 and above to have their PADI certificate which adds another level of "experience" to the underwater world.

Snorkel away with ease as your family enjoy the vacation. Let your kids float around, swim with fishes and discover the wonders of underwater life using a diving mask and a snorkel. Swimming goggles works wonders too!

10. Whale Watching

Whale watching ocean

Spot how powerful the ocean giants are as you reach for your next ultimate adventure with the whole family. Whale watching is suitable for kids of all ages and it is an incredibly exciting day out on the water from start to finish!

Some whale watching companies such as Sea World Cruises provide onboard activities for children as well keeping them entertained on the way out to the whales and on the way home too.

11. Flying through the clouds

One of the most memorable travel adventures for your kids. Everyone dreams about flying especially the little ones who want to be like their favorite superhero. Watch the spectacular sceneries above and appreciate the sunrise or sunset as you float 3,000 feet above ground. Make your kids' dreams come true with this magical and serene activity that they will never forget.

Hot Air Ballooning love

We have had plenty of learnings and been through a mountain of challenges, all the exhaustion, the sleepless nights, the fear of flying with kids and more.

For these reasons we wrote The Travel Book: A Guide To traveling with Kids for you to share our experiences, in hope to minimise all the stress and anxiety we went through whilst traveling with kids. In this downloadable book, we cover:

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