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Last Updated 10th September 2020
Although a different level of planning is required, traveling to a new and exciting destination with young children can be an incredible experience for the whole family. Nothing compares to watching a child experience a different culture, food, or animal in a new and wondrous way. It allows us all to see things a little differently. Many are hesitant to take the plunge on a far-flung destination for a variety of reasons. A long flight and unfamiliar place may seem daunting to a young family, especially if the kids have done little (if any) flying. With some planning and flexibility, these trips can truly be a once in a lifetime experience for the whole family.
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The world can teach a child a lot
Having the world as their classroom can be an incredible way to teach your child about themselves, the world, and its people. Learning how other children live in different cultures leads to acceptance, tolerance, and respect for people's differences. If you are planning an extended stay in one country area, this could be a fantastic time to immerse your child in the language. It is amazing how quickly they will pick it up. It will give them incredible satisfaction, and something to hopefully take home to show their friends and family. Encouraging your child to sample the cuisine is another way for them to expand their knowledge and understanding of a culture. They will taste exciting new flavors and textures, and you may find they will be requesting these after returning home.

The 'stuff' can be left at home
It seems that having children invariably leads to the accumulation of a mountain of 'stuff,' often deemed essential or somehow beneficial to their development. Their desire for the newest toy or game may add to the build-up, together with our illusion that they need more creature comforts than they actually do. Hopping on a plane with a couple of bags, and heading out into the world for experiences can not only be incredibly liberating for you, but it can teach children an important lesson on their ability to create fulfillment without the need for material possessions.

The family unit will have never felt closer
Sharing a trip of a lifetime with your loved ones can create a feeling of closeness that might have never been felt before. When navigating a foreign country and culture together, combined with organizing and decision-making, everyone is required to work together with cooperation and respect. Everyone feels part of a team. It is incredible how this can happen organically, when everyone may be outside of their comfort zone, but there is a common goal. These shared experiences create a special bond that, with the memories, will last forever.

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This is crucial when traveling with young children as EVERYTHING takes longer. Allow extra time to get to and from activities and day trips, keeping in mind new experiences often result in a tired child. It might be worth considering heading back to accommodation slightly earlier to allow them time to settle in with dinner and their bedtime routine. This means by the following day; they are well rested for the day's activities. Similarly, allocating a few days of down-time within your schedule will do wonders for the whole family.
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Have a wonderful day wherever you are and safe travels.
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