On a mission to simplify family travel through innovation; ingenuity to make your life freer.
Hi, we are Tack & Hoe Ping
Tack & Hoe Ping Family
In the summer of 2018 we established a team who knew a thing or two about traveling with children. As founders with first hand experience twice over, we saw an opportunity to simplify family travel; solving real life travel challenges by creating the ultimate solution for parents.

As avid travelers, international design award winners, and best-selling authors, we have tried and tested many family travel products on the market. None of them truly worked and through years of research, countless purchases, and discussions with like-minded parents around the world, Tern-x was born. Designed by parents for parents but built for kids.

Our vision is to inspire a new generation of family travelers, and enrich how families travel, live and play.
The world is yours to explore and we believe that families don't have to go all that far to explore, dream and discover. We create innovative products and parenting solutions that make spending time together more exciting, memorable, and, most importantly, fun, no matter where you go.

Life can be GREAT when you try something NEW. Families that travel together, Stay together.
Things were not always that way...

Family travel can be exhausting at times and those who says otherwise must be superhuman. But in spite of those awkward moments, there are many fun and laughable ones that gives us great memories and reminds us why we do love to travel.

We have spent a fortune on products ranging from travel strollers, boosters and carriers and finally discovered what truly works and what doesn't work.

That's why we decided to innovate and completely immerse ourselves in product development; bringing our solution to life. Not before long bbeez by Tern-x was born.

Happy kids exploring
Tern-x bbeez The World’s Handiest Child-Friendly Luggage-Stroller Hybrid
Fast forward to today
After months and years of designing, tweaking, redesigning, prototyping, traveling to factories and meeting manufacturers; our concept that was once an idea is now here. Meet bbeez.   

A problem solver which offers effortless travel time for families and make every journey as enjoyable as the destination. Say goodbye to mountains of bags, sore arms and make the trip with minimal haste. bbeez is all you need, a truly unique premium carry on with thoughtful features that solve real travel problems wherever you go. The ultimate innovative travel solution; designed to simplify family travel for parents by avoiding the struggles stress, anxiety and excess baggage.

But don't take our word for it...see below 👇  
It feels awesome!

We have won and been awarded the coveted Red Dot; an international design competition. The distinct 'Red Dot' has become established as one of the most sought after seals of quality for good design and belonging to the best design and business.  

Now, our mission is to simplify family travel and help parents and individuals just like you explore the world, because that is what we know best.

The journey becomes a breeze with bbeez..

Judging Criteria

source https://www.red-dot.org/
Red Dot Judging Criteria
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