This is the World's Handiest Child-Friendly Luggage-Stroller Hybrid

2021 couldn't get here any faster. With all that pent-up travel energy, families around the world have been spending the last few months of quarantine dreaming and planning their travel plans for the new year, and we're sure travel will boom post-pandemic. But for families traveling with kids, we know how hard it can be to herd the kids and the luggage when traveling.

The suitcase, the nappy bag, the baby stroller, the kids luggage—it can be a challenge for parents to handle. If you're a parent exhausted by the sheer act of travel, it might be time to re-evaluate how you're traveling. Take your travel stress as a sign you need something better than the suitcase you have now.

Enter Tern-x, an up-and-coming family travel brand impressing the travel world with its carry-on luggage for kids. The brand's innovative bbeez luggage is a truly unique, premium carry-on, with thoughtful features that solve real travel problems. Designed by parents for parents, to make travel easier and aid in a stress free family trips with kids.
Tern-x has also been features in numerous media outlets around the world ranging from Fox, NBC5 Stars Discovery, Asialogue Lifestyle and more.
An All-In-One Solution
This travel marvel consists of a main cabin with storage capacity for family belongings and items, a second cabin that can be used as a baby nappy bag, and a booster attachment that can double as a kid's seat at the dining table. Whether you have a baby or a toddler or even both, this is the perfect stroller-luggage combination for you. There's also a built-in buggy/stroller with a five-point harness perfect for children aged 6 to 24 months, so you no longer have to lug around a bulky baby stroller—or pay for it at airport check-ins.

Older kids can also enjoy the luggage-stroller hybrid by riding atop the sturdy Bbeez, which also offers a 10,000 mAh power bank built into the luggage. This means your kids can plug in their devices and stay entertained while traveling, ensuring a much smoother and hassle-free experience. You'll see less tantrums with happy and stress-free children.

The ultimate all-in-one solution for families, Bbeez luggage is an innovation that will redefine and revamp your travel experiences. Instead of paying more—in money and stress—to lug around a suitcase, nappy bag, and baby stroller, you can have it all combined in this hybrid baby stroller-luggage that makes traveling with children all the more worthwhile.

Compact, secure, and multifaceted, the Bbeez luggage is essentially the first and only luggage you will ever need if you're traveling with kids.
Tern-x bbeez functionality
A Solution to Traveling Challenges
Without all the added luggage you'd need to bring along if you didn't have this hybrid, traveling families will also be encouraged to pack smarter. Having more than one suitcase can be an invitation to pack all sorts of unnecessary items. With a compact Bbeez, parents will pack just enough items for the trip, thereby minimizing the hassle that comes with bringing too many things on a trip.

Not only is it a space-saving solution, Bbeez can also be a cost effective way to get the most out of your trip. Instead of purchasing a baby stroller made for travel and a new suitcase, Bbeez combines the functions of both in a more cost efficient creation that hits two birds with one stone. After all, traveling with children is already expensive considering all the food, hotel rooms, and kid's activities you have to pay for.

For families that plan to travel to more than one location that will require more than one airport, the act of actually moving can be a trial in itself. Parents only have two pairs of hands, which can't possibly keep tabs on more than three kids, four suitcases, and a myriad of carry-on luggage. Combining it all in one product, Bbeez, is also a safety assurance for your children as well.

If you're planning a multi-country trip through Europe, let yourself consider the handy hybrid Bbeez, which can double as a booster seat, safety harness included, for your toddler at restaurants, trains, and more, and save you from herding around a crowd of kids and luggage.

By reducing stress, hassle, and all that weight that comes with extra baggage, Bbeez just might improve your travel experience as well, giving you more time and headspace to truly appreciate the experience of traveling as a family. With our tips on keeping kids entertained on a plane, your child will also enjoy the adventure of riding atop a luggage that's actually designed just for them.
Tern-x bbeez
An Award-Winning Design
Thus, it's no surprise that this luggage innovation bagged a prestigious recognition at the International Red Dot Design Award 2020, which awards the world's best and brightest new solutions for a better world. Tern-x's Bbeez was one of the select winners on this year's esteemed list, which featured extraordinary design concepts around the world. It was also one of the only travel solutions of this year's awarding ceremony, daring to address a challenge in an industry battered by the pandemic.

The Red Dot jury consists of the world's leading design scholars, practitioners, and thought-leaders, all guided by the awards' judging criteria which is defined by: degree of innovation, aesthetic quality, realization possibility, functionality, emotional content, and impact.

Impact is something Tern-x specializes in because it knows just how challenging family travel with a child can be. That's how Bbeez was born—from the collective experiences of parents seeking a way to improve the way they travel in order to unlock memorable life experiences for their children. It puts parents and children first, conscious of their needs and challenges. This hybrid creation is more than just luggage—it's a promise for a better, freer way to travel.
"To inspire a new generation of family travelers, and enrich how families travel, live and play" ~ Tern-x
To find additional information about kids' luggage by Tern-x, visit the company's official Website and Facebook page. Hope you found it useful and we will see you next time.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are and safe travels.
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